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Frequently Asked Questions

Things we get asked a lot.

We don’t charge anything for callouts.

Yes, we are licensed to install and repair gas lines and all types of gas appliances

There are a few signs including an increasing water bill without any changes to your usage, reduced water pressure, stains in walls or ceilings near water lines and sounds of dripping or running water. Prevent leaks by scheduling regular maintenance services.

Turn off the main water supply then give us a call. While waiting, you should clean away any water to  prevent water damage. 

A slow draining toilet can be remedied by pouring half a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a pot of boiling water. Wait an hour before testing if it flushes normally again. After doing this a few times and your toilet is still clogged, give us a call.

Avoid putting grease and large items down drains, and use drain covers.

Options include electric, gas, and solar; choose based on energy efficiency and needs.

 Yearly checks are recommended to catch potential issues early.

Yes, water-saving fixtures and appliances are available for installation.

Issues include pipe clogs or leaks; consult a plumber for diagnosis.

Absolutely, we can install energy-efficient appliances to conserve water.

Varies, but water heaters typically last 8-12 years; replace when signs of wear appear.

Use corrosion-resistant materials and schedule regular inspections.

Check for leaks, monitor usage, and consult a plumber if issues persist.

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